Thursday, January 6, 2011

Part 2

From Christmas eve to Christmas day we shuffle around between three houses. It's crazy chaos, but it's family and traditions that keep me going. Some day it may have to change, but for now I enjoy it and the memories that are made every year.

At my grandma Doyle's house we enjoy a big meal of prime rib and lots of other goodies before we have our annual Christmas program. Back in the day it consisted of myself and my cousin Linds reading the Christmas story out of the Bible. Over the years it has morphed into something more. We light candles, the kids all have parts they read from the story and we sing carols. Emma doesn't understand it yet, but I look forward to the day she can participate! Then we open presents.

Emma and her uncle testing out the boy's new sled.
Our nice family photo with our cute cooperative two year old. I got the cute part right anyways... not only is she in mid "No Cheese", but it also looks like she is flicking off the camera.
An attempt at the four generations-fail #2
From my grandma's house we head to my mom's house. We spend the night there and do Christmas morning with my mom, step-dad and brothers. This year we were blessed to have my grandma and grandpa Burtraw from Arkansas present as well.
Emma tearing into her stocking.
Making Christmas cookies with grandma Jen.
In the afternoon we head west again to stop in Lansing and celebrate with my dad and Cindy's mom.
Emma with her new ferret from grandpa. Mommy is so happy it's a stuffed animal and not anything live!
The two cheeseballs- they are quite the pair!
As you can see it was hectic and busy, but worth every minute. I feel blessed to have such a large family even if we don't live as close as I would like. I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday season as well!

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