Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Rest of the Parties... Part 1

Now that the blur of Christmas is over, I'm working to get things in order.... of course I still haven't printed pictures from Christmas 2009 so it might be a while :) It's hard to believe we had a mere 6 parties the week of Christmas. No wonder my kid keeps asking for more presents! After we returned from my dad's we had two Klein parties back-to-back. The extended family got together on Sunday and then it was jsut the seven of us on Monday night.

We draw names for the big family party. Emma got a Hide-and-Seek Jojo, which mommy put on her list... needless to say she loves it, but mommy is ready to throw it out in the snow! Who knew a little blue bunny could be so annoying (and a bit creeepy)?

Emma opening presents with Aunt Jessica and Uncle Ross on Monday.

She got a scooter and helmet from Grandma and Grandpa Klein. A wardrobe change took place also. She got a shirt from Aunt Jessica that says "My Aunt is my BFF" and she insisted on changing.
Jason bought Emma a gift while he was out shopping this year. Based upon the look on Emma's face he did a good job. Mommy's not nearly as excited about the Playdough and the mess that comes with it, but I know she'll love it.

I think Emma is more excited about daddy's new undies than he is :)

She loves her doll that I won from Baby Be Blessed.

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