Sunday, August 14, 2011

Baby Girl Gifts Galore!

My dear friend Kylie was blessed with a sweet baby girl, Savanna Lee, a few weeks ago. As soon as I found out it was a girl, I quickly got to work. What little sweetie doesn't need a few hair bows and a ruffle butt onesie?

The hair bows came together quite quickly since I've become a little experienced in this area :) I decided to make an owl clip and an owl bow holder as well since miss Savanna's room is done up in owls. Let me tell you, it is a.dor.a.ble!
The owl took me a little longer than the rest since this was the first one I put together, but I think it turned out cute. I simply cut some felt out, glued it together and then outlined with some contrast stitching to add a bit of pink.

You many recall the tie onesie I made for a friend's little boy back in May. That one was a little less intimidating for me than the ruffle butt onesise, but with the help of several fellow bloggers' tutorials I decided to give it a try.

Here are a few links I used for inspiration:

I started by ripping strips of fabric in 1.5" increments. I planned to make 3 ruffles and also put a flower on the front of the onesie. I ripped them because I like the frayed edges, but you could easily finish them off if you wanted a neater edge. I then washed the strips of fabric and the onesie before I started sewing.

Once they are all fresh and clean I ruffled the strips. I did it by hand, which is fairly easy, but takes a little more time. It could be done with a sewing machine as well. Just run a stitch down the center of a strip of fabric and then pull on the thread when you are done and you'll have a cute little ruffle.

This is where I hit my first road block... The strips of fabric I ripped weren't long enough to run all the way across the bum and still be ruffly. So I improvised and used two strips of fabric together. Once they are sewed on you can't even tell.

When the ruffles were complete, I pinned them down and then sewed them on. I folded the edges over on each end to give it a nice clean look on the sides. I ended up going with only two ruffles- three looked like a lot for the 0-3 month tush!

I had one piece left that was already ruffled so I used that to make my flower. I wound that strip around into a circle and fluffed it up a bit to make a flower that I sewed onto the front.

I love how it all turned out! When you wash it, the ruffles may fray a bit, but all you need to do is snip off the loose strings. I found these cute little sandles that we just had to buy to put with it :)

Happy crafting!

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