Monday, January 16, 2012

Still Lovin' those Sundays

I know I've discussed the importance of Sundays at our home in the past. When your hubby works six days of the week, that one day off can become a pretty big deal. It becomes our day of family time that I truly cherish. I love spending time together and Emma always looks forward to more time with her daddy.

Yesterday, we started off the morning cuddled up in bed and then headed down for breakfast. Since we went to church on Saturday night we moved at a leisurely pace. After we ate, we played Cootie and a few rounds of Candyland. Then Emma and I did some coloring while daddy ran out to get lunch and some gas for the snow mobile.

After a big snowfall on Thursday and Friday, Emma was dying to spend some time playing outside. I bundled her up and sent the duo outside.
 I had to get a pick of her all decked out in her snow gear. The plan was to go for a snow mobile ride to a friend's house. However, our ancient snow mobile is quite loud and Emma is a bit afraid. To help her out I layered ear muffs underneath her hat to block out some of the noise. It looked ridiculous, but I think it worked!
 Daddy still had to do some convincing to get her on board.
 And they were off! They were gone for almost an hour, which provided mommy with a much needed break.
 Upon their return they headed to the back yard to create this monstrous snow man.
 Emma's first ever snowman complete :)
Later, after a failed attempt at nap time, Jason and Emma spent some time racing quads while I made dinner. We wrapped up our evening as we typically do on Sunday nights- a pizza picnic in the living room while watching 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. It was a wonderful end to a perfect day. Thank you Lord for a day of rest when we can spend time doing things that really matter!

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