Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We FINALLY Got Some Snow!

We got some snow at last- a real blizzard in some places. Emma has been looking forward to playing outside ever since the temperatures started dropping two months ago. However, it's been a unlikely winter thus far, gracing us with warm temps and sunny skies. While this momma isn't complaining, I was hoping we'd get some before the baby comes and we are confined to the house.

We had almost a foot of snow fall last Monday, but the conditions were not ideal for little people outside. We held out until Thursday when the sun was shining and the temps were almost in the 40's again. Conditions were a bit soggy, but Emma and Gavin had a blast playing on the deck. They spent over an hour outside and Emma was less than thrilled when I announced it was time to come in for nap.

They had the deck almost clear of snow by time they were done, not to mention very soggy clothing. I hope we get a least one more good snow before baby boy arrives so Emma can play in it. She enjoys being outside a little more each year.

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