Sunday, May 5, 2013

Frantic Spring

That time of year has come again. Days are dictated by the weather and in turn so are the moods in our household. When the sun is shining Jason can be found in a tractor in one of the numerous fields- tilling, spraying, planting. We're lucky to get 10 minutes a day with him when the weather is cooperating which tends to result in the kids' attitudes taking a tank. Luckily they love to be outside, which serves as a great distraction. Throw in some great neighbors and some evenings go by so effortlessly. If all else fails, I stick E-man in front of the window and tell him to watch for tractors- this usually holds his attention for at least 5 minutes.

This year has added stress due to April's exceptional showers and Ron's health struggles. More responsibility has landed on Jason's shoulders and he's trying to juggle all of his duties. I'm trying to really make an effort this year and not be too needy. He's already got enough on his plate. Some days prove to be more of a struggle then others, when time seems to stretch on with bed time far in the distance and no adults to talk to. In reality, Jason is only home for dinner on normal weeknights for 30 minutes to an hour usually, but some how those extra minutes make all the difference in the world to our family.

The kids love to ride in the tractor with daddy too. It has become a little trickier now that there are two eager riders. Emma loves to tag along, but Jason can't have E-man along at the same time. Our little guy thinks he's ready to take over the wheel already and his little hands tend to keep you quite busy. I'm still trying to work out a good system without spending my entire evening carting kids back and forth so they can take turns. Easton was able to take his first solo ride with Daddy yesterday. It was only one trip down the field, but he loved it. He rode in the combine with us last fall, but he wasn't fully able to appreciate it yet. Luckily he enjoys riding in the Commander as much as the tractor so there were no major meltdowns when it was time to go.

I loved the Super Bowl commercial 'So God Made a s Farmer' and I found this floating around on FB this week: I feel as though I embody some of these attributes, as do many wives and moms I know. As much as I lament the seemingly ceaseless days and all the grueling work that needs to be done, I am truly proud of my husband. He works endlessly from sun up to long past sun down to provide for our family and many others typically running on 6hours of sleep or less. Please keep him and all the farmers in your prayers and they work to help put food on tables every where. It takes a special breed to do this and I am honored to be married to one of them.

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Wow Jessica! That was beautiful.