Sunday, October 13, 2013

Worth a Thousand Words...

Emma has been getting a ton of use out of her quad. It's now a ritual for Sunday afternoons while the weather is still nice. Of course daddy has gotten creative so Easton can join in on the fun...

We still haven't found helmets, so the kids are required to wear their bicycle helmets until we get the proper equipment. This setup worked even better after Jason realized the kids were sucking in exhaust fumes and decided to put the rain shield down. After success with the burley, they attempted the wagon.

Please ignore my much neglected flower bed that seems to make it in all of my pictures. Between Elissa and the older two, there's not much time to think about it. Plus we plan to get rid of it next spring anyway, so why put too much effort into it?

Easton didn't enjoy the wagon ride though. Emma has yet to master the 'smooth throttle' so the poor kid got jerked around quite a bit. Hard on the back I'd imagine. Emma had a blast letting daddy pull her though.

Then there's times where daddy has to get out his old quad and join in the fun. Love the time they get to spend together, thank God for Sundays!

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