Monday, February 17, 2014

Easton is TWO!

Happy birthday big boy! So hard to believe you are two already!
Last year, I was worried about how fast you could crawl, now it's concerning how quickly you can run. And empty cupboards at lightening speed. And climb on top of the table. You are into.every.thing! You even figured out how to open the fridge this past week. Currently considering investing in a lock. I finally caved and bought a door knob cover so you couldn't disappear into the basement and try to escape outside any more. So different than your sister was at this age... Except for asking 'Why?'. That has also just started.

You typically sleep about 10 hours at night and take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. you are usually up too early for your mama, but thankfully you are content to hang in your crib for 30 minutes or so until I can drag my butt out of bed :)
Food can be hit or miss for you most days. One day you will have a gigantic appetite and others you are not too interested in food. You love dairy, fruit and veggies. Sometimes carbs. You also love condiments and often choose to eat them straight up with a spoon. Not a big fan of meat  though, which worries your daddy :P I think you would just snack all day instead of eating three meals if I let you. You currently weigh 27 lbs 2 oz, in the 55%.

Still wearing cloth diapers, although you've tested the waters on the potty as well. It's just too hard to be consistent when we have a preschool itinerary and your baby sister's schedule to work around right now. I'm happy to let you use it when you ask, but not pushing the issue. You typically wear a size 4, sometimes a 5 when you are in disposables. Clothing is mostly 24 month or 2T at this point.
We are currently working on colors and counting to 10. You have a large vocabulary and can string 2-3 words together. Anything on wheels fascinates you- mommy is quickly learning the technical names for all sorts of tractors and construction vehicles! You love to read. Current favorite book is 'Little Blue Truck'. You also love to watch a show on Netflix that stars Mater from the movie 'Cars'. it consists of about 6 five minute short videos. That's about all the attention span you have.

You love to imitate your big sister and constantly follow her lead. You also love to shower you little sister with love and affection. You are so full of laughter and life sweet boy! I love listening to your giggles. You have so much to say and have learned how to be heard in our chaotic house. I pray that sweet smile I see so often and twinkle in your eye never leaves, that you grow into a tender young man who loves and cares for others. May you always look to God for wisdom and strength. We love you little man!

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