Saturday, February 8, 2014

Daddy-Daughter Date

So I goofed. Before we left for our vacay I intended to sign Emma and Jason up for the daddy daughter dance again this year. Jason expressed his sheer (lack of) joy while Emma can't sit still for the thought of it.

However, packing and sickness ensued. Add a blizzard to the mix and I just plain forgot. So you can imagine little miss' disappointment when we return home and find out that the dance is sold out. Such a bummer.

So I suggested that they go out for dinner together instead. Emma jumped for joy and then immediately inquired whether she could still wear her 'fancy' dress. Of course! She looks so much older this year compared to last...

Jason was much happier with this alternative since dancing isn't his favorite activity. They settled on Wendy's and even swung by Meijer afterwards to bring mommy home some flowers, so sweet. Love the time they can spend together!

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